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Dai Zaobab

Buugeng, Fire performer.  from Japan

   I was born in the summer of 1977, in the mountains of Kochi Prefecture, Japan. When I was a young boy playing in the river, I wished to grow up to be different than the average person. I left my parent’s home when I was 15, and first left Kochi at the age of 18. I moved to Tokyo and began working as a cook at a steakhouse. From that time, I was filled with the ambition to live  abroad. It was not that I thought Japan to be uninteresting. Rather, it was just that I wanted to experience the world with my own eyes.     And so in February of 1999, I flew to London with a brand new life’s passport in hand. At that time, I was 21 years old, and I didn’t just want to live in a foreign country. I wanted to sleep outdoors in a foreign country. I couldn’t speak English and I wandered aimlessly through London sleeping in parks for 2 months, being shaken awake and driven out by police on horses. And through living this experience, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the ways of an unknown foreign world. Then came a great discovery in my life— my introduction to the world of juggling and fire dancing. Juggling and fire dancing  went above and beyond all the pleasures I had known up to that point in my life.  


  There is a reason that I was born into this world. I have been given a mission to do my best, and live to reach further than imagined possible before, to break the limits of this earth and on into the universe. What is this calling? The moment that I thought to go out and find that calling was the  beginning of my life’s journey.



Every human being is given a mission in this life. In doing the things that we love and are passionate about, we can lead fulfilling lives. Through doing those things, I want to show others the light that shines from  within me. And even if only for a short time, I want people to not only see and feel this light, but I also strive in my performances to bring out this light and energy from within  my audience. I believe that there are endless possibilities hidden within everything in the world. This is not only a belief to me. This is truth. To know that is a wonderful thing.



I want to make the most of that. I have been supported by family and friends in my journey in the world, and so I have been able to put all my heart into the kind of  performance I want to create. Therefore, there is no limit  in the power that can be created. What I gain myself  through actual experience, and through shaping these experiences into something uniquely my own, I am able to create something new and amazing. This is the heart of my ambition. 

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