Buu = Martial Arts

Geng = Illusion 

Play Buugeng makes Hypnotism to people and your self

The Buugeng is revolutionising the visual arts arena; by blending the unusual shape of the  spinning device, martial arts movement and meditation (intuitive by nature), it creates a visual kaleidoscope that is astounding to the eye. This unique device produces  an infinite number of amazing geometric patterns and optical illusions.   A device similar to the Buugeng was once used by the amazing Michael Moschen. Inspired by this, Dai Zaobab combined it with his extraordinary fire-dancing, spinning and juggling skills, leading to the development of the Buugeng. But the Buugeng is more than just a device: it's also a set of techniques, skills and movements combined with the philosophy of ancient martial arts.

Buugeng Show 

Fascination of the Buugeng


Working with the Buugeng brings about feelings of balance, control, form and calm, whilst activating the warrior and spirit mind energy. It develops Chi, muscle tone, confidence and focus.   Buugeng shows leave the audience amazed and wowed. Make the Buugeng a part of your WOW factor. 

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Oak Buugeng